FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a small showroom in our trade counter in Blackpool. We are open weekdays 8am - 4.30pm and always have a knowledgeable member of staff around to assist with any enquires.


Do you install ceilings?

Yes, our principal business is installing suspended ceilings in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. We install around 15,000m2 (300-400 rooms) of ceilings every year using our own, directly employed installers and have installed over £5 million worth since we were established in 1973.


Can I install a ceiling myself?



How much does delivery cost?

All deliveries for orders over £100 are FREE to UK mainland addresses.

For orders under £100, delivery in normally FREE to local addresses in the Fylde Coast area (FY1-8 & PR4)

For other orders under £100, there is a nominal charge of £10.00+VAT to cover packaging and courier costs.


I need to repair a ceiling, can you help?

Yes, we stock a wide range of ceiling tiles and grid components that can be used to repair an existing suspended ceiling. If you can send us a couple of photos of the ceiling (email to : sales@hexan.co.uk or text to 07734 157320) we can normally match components from stock. We can also carry-out insurance repairs to ceilings damaged by flood or impact.

Can I paint a suspended ceiling?

Yes, you can but it will require a surprisingly large amount of paint and several coats. It will also seal all the perforations in the surface of the tile and reduce it's acoustic properties. You may find it cheaper and quicker to replace the tiles with new ones. See our budget tile ranges for suitable tiles.

My tiles are lifting with the wind when the external door is open. How do I stop this?

Our normal advice is to fit a louvre tile to ventilate above the ceiling and equalise the pressures above and below to prevent uplift. You can also clip the tiles in place using our Universal Hold-down clips.